FB4005 is a highly selective, low-loss 4675 MHz. bandpass filter.

It’s a machined cavity filter housed in 72×53.5×14.5 mm. aluminum box.

The input and output connectors are standard SMA (female).

The Insertion Loss is 1.0 max. dB. and its Operational Temp. Range is -45 °C – +85 °C.

The unit can be used for RX and TX front ends of C-band transceivers and radars.

Parameter Specifications
Center Frequency 4675 MHz.
Bandwidth 4400-4950 MHz.
Insertion Loss 1.0 max. dB
VSWR 1.3:1 max.
Peak Ripple 0.5 dB
Attenuation 80 min. @ 2000-3800 MHz
80 min. @ 5500-15000 MHz
Power Handling 20 CW max. Watt
IN/OUT Impedance 50 Ohm.
Operational Temp. Range -45 °C – +85 °C
Connector SMA (Female) – All Ports
Finish Black Painting
Mechanical Dimensions 72×53.5×14.5 mm.

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